Wax Melt Trio Pack

Wax Melt Trio Pack

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Scented Wax Melt

Love our candles but would also like a low-waste option. Our wax melts are perfect.

Choose three of our wax melts in a pack. A great option if you like to try different scents. 

100% Soy Wax Melt with premium fragrance oil, hand-poured. 

80g Wax Melt

8hr burn per cube

Please note that burn times may alter due to your environment and the care of your wax melt. These wax melts are made in small batches some variations may occur. 


All scents from our range are available in our Wax Melts. To find out the Scent Notes for the wax melt you have chosen you can either contact us or look up the candle on our website.

Please be aware that some fragrances may contain vanillin. This is not harmful it is natural but may colour the wax of your candle. To find out more please check out FAQs or our Candle Care Page. 

Wax Melt Care

After selecting your scent pop out 1 or 2 cubes from the container place them in the tray of the wax melter. Turn on your electric warmer or light a tea light. Once warm the wax melt will slowly release its scent. 

Please note the wax will evaporate slightly but is not like a candle the fragrance will be released with some of the wax being left behind.

Please do not burn for more than 4 hours, once the fragrance has evaporated leaving behind the wax let the wax solidify before cleaning out the wax melter and disposing of the wax. Clean your wax melter before melting a new cube of wax. Keep out of children and pets reach.

For more information visit our Candle Care page or Contact Us



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