About Us

Unity Candle Co.

is run and owned by a sister duo Vanessa and Elena.

Our candle business started in January 2021 from our home studio in South East Melbourne.


Our Ethics

All of our candles are made in small batches to ensure the best quality of our products.

We use the best and natural products available to us to ensure the best products available. 

We thoroughly test all our products to ensure they are safe and perfect to the very last burn.

We created this company because we love candles!



Elena is an all-round family person, enjoying time with her loved ones as well as following her career in the field of law.
Vanessa is a doting mother of two. She has searched many times for the perfect career and founding it being a mother and a candler. 
Candles have always helped us relax and invoke happy memories, they bring us joy as they were always our mums favourite gift to receive. Our passion is now making candles and ensuring that our candles invoke the same joy and peace that they do us. Perfect to the very last burn


Unity brought us closer as sisters, being able to spend every day together creating and working with each other. Candles are something that has connected us and other women in our family.

Receiving and giving candles brings us great joy. They transform a space, making great decorations and center pieces. All we ever want is to bring joy and happiness to loved ones and we believe that whatever the purpose our candles do this. 




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